"My paintings are a confluence of abstraction and realism evolving from the natural landscape. I am inspired by landforms, including water edges and changing atmospheric and seasonal conditions. Elements of sky, water, rock, trees and earth are evident in an abstract and interpretative response to the natural environment. In photography, the quality of light and the composition of the elements are important to me.

"As a student I built a foundation in the photographic realism of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, and the realism of Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent and Andrew Wyeth in painting. The abstract qualities of Minor White in photography and especially of Hans Hofmann and Franz Kline in painting have influenced my work over the years. Early architectural studies, as well as my interest in building things, adds to the visual structure and composition of my work.

"The experience of being out in the landscape, in all seasons of the year, has always been important to me. Hiking, backpacking, cross-country and downhill skiing, canoeing, and in recent years, kayaking, have provided the means of transport, as well as driving and occasionally flying. Photographs are, of course, taken on location. Paintings, however, are a product of my memory and imagination and are accomplished in the studio. The outdoor experience generates ideas and compositions that are realized during the actual act of painting and may change and develop as the painting progresses. Hopefully, the paintings and photographs will engage one's imagination as they bring one's own frame of reference and experiences to each work."

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